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Last-Minute Summer Getaways


Our last-minute stays offer the perfect opportunity to experience serenity and renewal, with the added excitement of witnessing the first signs of summer on the mountain.

Whether you're craving a spontaneous midweek retreat or a weekend adventure, we have limited last-minute openings to accommodate your desires.

Book a complimentary call with our Trip-Planning Experts to make your dream getaway that much easier. Enjoy exclusive offers you can’t get anywhere else and personalized advice in just a quick 10-minute call.

1-Night Getaways

Book June 30-31 (Sun-Mon)

Book July 9-10 (Tues-Wed)

Book July 14-15 (Sun-Mon)

Book July 24-25 (Wed-Thurs)

Book July 30-31 (Tue-Wed)

Limited Weekday Escapes

Book July 1-3 (Mon-Wed)

Book July 8-10 (Mon-Wed)

Book July 10-12 (Wed-Fri)

Book July 15-17 (Mon-Wed)

Book July 17-19 (Wed-Fri)

Book July 19-21 (Fri-Sun)

Book July 22-24 (Mon-Wed)

Book July 24-26 (Wed-Fri)

Weekend Getaways in July

Book July 5-8 (Weekend)

Book July 12-15 (Weekend)

Book July 19-22 (Weekend)

Book July 26-29 (Weekend)

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the enchantment of summer at Bolt Farm Treehouse. 

Secure your last-minute stay and prepare for an unforgettable retreat that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and connected.


Talk with our Trip Planning Specialists

Schedule a call with our trip planning specialists to get tailored help in planning your getaway and have all your questions answered in a 10 minute call.