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Super Harvest MoonSuper Harvest Moon

Super Harvest Moon

Witness the Super Harvest Moon & Lunar Eclipse at Bolt Farm Treehouse 🌕🌘


September 18, 2024

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Prepare for an awe-inspiring celestial event from September 18, 2024, at Bolt Farm Treehouse. Book your getaway for September 18-20 and experience the grandeur of the Super Harvest Moon coupled with the mesmerizing spectacle of a partial lunar eclipse. This rare combination offers an unforgettable night sky display from our enchanting mountaintop retreat in Tennessee.

Luxurious Viewing from Your Private Haven

Choose from our exclusive treehouses, panoramic domes, or reflective mirror cabins for your stay. Each accommodation provides a unique and luxurious setting to witness the captivating Super Harvest Moon and lunar eclipse.

Your Celestial Event Experience

Awe-Inspiring Views: Arrive early and get comfortable in your private haven to witness the Super Harvest Moon and lunar eclipse in all their glory.

Night of Celestial Wonders: Experience the natural phenomenon as the Super Harvest Moon brightens the sky, followed by the intriguing partial lunar eclipse.

Relax Under the Stars: After the eclipse, relax in our luxurious accommodations, complete with private hot tubs and outdoor decks, perfect for stargazing.

Connect with the Night Sky

Moonlit Trails: Wander along our 2.5 miles of trails, illuminated by the Super Harvest Moon, adding a mystical charm to your night adventure.

Stargazing Opportunities: Post-eclipse, the night sky continues to dazzle, offering a tranquil setting for contemplation and romance.

Guest Experiences

"Our stay at Bolt Farm Treehouse was a transformative experience. The peaceful environment and stunning views made it a haven for relaxation." – Jordan and Taylor

"The attention to detail and the beauty of the surroundings at Bolt Farm Treehouse created a truly memorable experience for us." – Mia and Alex

Book September 18-20
Immerse yourself on the mountaintop and discover the symphony of music, serenity, nature, and community at Bolt Farm – an unforgettable experience you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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