Purpose Travel Club

People with purpose…
traveling with purpose.
Create meaningful memories while making a meaningful contribution.

Purpose Travel Club is a membership program by Bolt Farm Treehouse that rewards members & impacts the world for good. We are partnering with charities & non-profit companies who support local & global humanitarian initiatives so that every room is full of sustainable, purpose-based products. We are also partnering with likeminded boutique hoteliers around the world to rapidly expand our locations and offerings so that you always have exciting new luxury nature experiences to look forward to…

Say goodbye to all the stress of booking vacations. Purpose Travel Club provides you with new, unforgettable experiences every year and award-winning hospitality service you can always rely on.

Why become a member?
Complimentary Trips!
Guaranteed availability!
Priority booking!
Free VIP Experience for every stay!
Professional photos of your trips!
Access to members-only blackout dates! (weekends)
No hidden fees. No fine print. No expiration dates. No pressure.


Choose the membership that’s right for you…

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Currently, we have two tiers of treehouses, "standard luxury" and "super luxury."

Diamond and Platinum memberships are entitled to super luxury at no extra cost.

Gold members are entitled to standard luxury at no additional cost and can upgrade their stay to super luxury with members-only price upgrade.

Silver memberships do not include accommodations but provide access to standard luxury treehouses at members-only pricing.

All membership tiers will have access to all of our current properties (2 locations, 5 treehouses), to all the properties we will add to our portfolio (our goal is 50 total units in the next 5 years), and to all properties we plan to build in the future (our goal is 5 locations spread across the USA for the sake of convenience and adventure. Treehouses and other creative accommodations located by the ocean, in the mountains, etc. ….all in breathtaking nature settings).

We are considering designating some of our existing treehouses (& some of the properties we onboard next year) as members-only so that they cannot be oversold. As we see it, lack of availability is one of the biggest disappointments in the membership marketplace, so we will try to disrupt that. One possibility is to make the super luxury treehouses members-only (not accessible to the general public). We'll ask for your opinion on this.

The membership initiation fee is a one-time charge that grants members access to private, luxury accommodations. It also covers costs associated with member benefits, discounts on experiences, an on-site concierge to arrange activities and make reservations, privacy and security, significant savings on additional vacations for you, your family & your friends, and members-only events. Furthermore, a percentage will go to either a charity of your choice or a charity we select.

The annual dues cover the cost of accommodations and cleaning fees. Members decide whether they want to pay the dues once a year on their membership-anniversary or in ongoing monthly installments. Annual dues entitles members to accommodations whether they stay during the current calendar year or take multiple trips the following year.

No hidden fees. No fine print. No expiration dates. No pressure.

The dream for Purpose Travel Club, beyond providing unforgettable experiences to our members at world-class nature retreats around the globe, is to operate for purpose over profit by supporting charity-focused companies (local, when possible) that sell the soap, shampoo, linens, coffee, and the products we purchase for each room so that every reservation can have a positive impact on our community, on our planet, and on the underserved.

In addition to these items, every tier of membership will support a purpose-based initiative (you won't see this listed on this first beta version.) Question #1 of the survey will ask for your input on this because giving back on this scale has the potential to be the most impactful thing we do with our business.

For those who may not know, OneWorld Health is a Charleston-based charity that provides sustainable healthcare to the underserved in the developing world, and the owners of Bolt Farm Treehouse are part of a group of philanthropists who have built two medical clinics in Nicaragua and fundraised over $2.5M for OneWorld Health’s work in the developing world. Purpose Travel Club will make a donation to OneWorld Health and other organizations on behalf of every member for every year they are a member. We will also share information with our members about all of the initiatives you are supporting via your membership and how you can become involved.

Focus Group, please click the FOCUS GROUP SURVEY button to share your thoughts and opinions (takes 10-15 mins). Your ideas will be what makes this great!