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Sunday Mimosas


Kick off your Sundays on the Mountaintop with  our exclusive Mimosa mornings.

Bubbly Blends & Gourmet Bites
Savor an assortment of delicious mimosas, expertly mixed with fresh juices and the perfect splash of bubbly. Pair your drink with a selection of gourmet breakfast treats like flaky croissants and other fine pastries.

Relax & Rejuvenate
Set in the serene ambiance of the Tennessee mountains, our Sunday Mimosas is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. Meet new friends, enjoy the scenery, and indulge in a leisurely morning filled with delightful flavors and cheerful toasts.

Join Us Every Sunday
Don’t miss out on this enchanting morning tradition. Book your stay and ensure your spot at our next Sunday Mimosas—where good mornings are made better with a touch of champagne and the finest company.


Talk with our Trip Planning Specialists

Schedule a call with our trip planning specialists to get tailored help in planning your getaway and have all your questions answered in a 10 minute call.